Why a HPDE Sea Vizion boat?

1. Light in weight: 

Excellent buoyancy / Lower fuel consumption / More Eco Friendly

2. Zero maintenance:

HDPE is very resistant to marine growth  and very easy to repair

3. No anti fouling needed

HDPE is very resisitant to marine growth, periodical steamcleaning suffices / Eco friendly! 

4. Working with aggressive liquids is no problem

HDPE can hardly be affected by any aggressive liquids.

5. Very strong and indestructible 

HDPE is immensely strong and persistant to shock impact, hitting a stone revetment with your hull at lowe speeds will only touch the surface

6. UV resistancy

The darker the HDPE colour the more carbon content the more UV resistant your Hull. Vizion Boats are standard build in black.

7. Production flexibility

We have our extensive, in-house engineering and design team. Based on our standard range any model is possible. based on your specific demands any design is possible it being a small HDPE dredger or a stable HDPE workplatform 

8. Easy of repair

HDPE can be welded at near any location utilising basic electricty and a basic welding tool

9. Low carbon footprint

Carbon footprint compard to a similar size aluminium vessel will be 20% lower so more Eco Friendly 

10. Durability: 100% recyclable

HDPE is excellent recyclable and the most recycled plastic globally.  

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